Track A

TNC15 - 12A - Closing plenary

1,018 views June 18, 2015

Participation on this session is highly recommended because Prof. João Paulo Cunha from Porto...

Track A

TNC15 - 11A - TNC15 Science Engagement Round Table

835 views June 18, 2015

The networks that NRENs provide for scientific research have the ability to enhance scientific...

Track D

TNC15 - 9D - Socially responsible NRENs

629 views June 18, 2015

Given their unique position in the society and reaching the communities often wider than their...

Track C

TNC15 - 10C - Intercontinental networking

759 views June 18, 2015

The Internet growth pace has been tremendous. To keep up with increased demand and avoid digital...

Track A

TNC15 - 9A - Innovation and Evolution: the GÉANT Backbone...

1,485 views June 18, 2015

This session will inform the audience about recent tests conducted by the GÉANT Association and...

Track B

TNC15 - 11B - Network Centric Services

520 views June 18, 2015

Even if this session is the day after the Gala diner and the weather will be ideal for a swim,...

Track C

TNC15 - 11C - Strengthening the Network

621 views June 18, 2015

This session focuses on novel uses of the dark fiber for more robust applications and improved...

Track D

TNC15 - 11D - Applications that transcend the globe

727 views June 18, 2015

Over the past few years, more and more National Research and Education (NREN) has sprung up...

Track C

TNC15 - 9C - Hardcore Operations

703 views June 18, 2015

This session is dedicated to tools for managing and monitoring network resources....

Track B

TNC15 - 9B - Tools for Identity

603 views June 18, 2015

This session will focus on emerging tools to support the evolution of robust Identity services....

Track B

TNC15 - 10B - Security Audits and Data Sharing: Strategy...

673 views June 18, 2015

This session will take a look at developing two approaches of security audit standards for an...

Track D

TNC15 - 10D - What's hot in IETF?

603 views June 17, 2015

This session will invite renowned participants from the IETF to present on current hot issues in...

Track A

TNC15 - 10A - The Future for Video Conferencing

778 views June 17, 2015

In this session you will hear about new challenges and approaches in Video Conferencing and...

Track D

TNC15 - 8D - Big Science

711 views June 17, 2015

Why Big Science? as a term, Big Science has now come to represent a series of changes in science...

Track C

TNC15 - 8C - DWDM developments

607 views June 17, 2015

Developments in DWDM continue to go fast. While 100 Gbit/s over several 1000s of kilometers is...