Track D

TNC15 - 9D - Socially responsible NRENs

June 18, 2015
Given their unique position in the society and reaching the communities often wider than their core constituency, NRENs inevitably do and should play an important role in shaping the information society. They are in possession of extensive and profound understanding of the technology, and they also have the responsibility of understanding the impact of both its use and abuse, acting as reliable and independent experts towards the user community and the policy makers.
We have a social responsibility to play this role, and it may actually prove beneficial to everybody.

Tackling the privacy challenges
Evelijn Jeunink Alf Moens

Social responsibility can be the key for NREN recognition
Domen Božeglav Maja Vreča

Freedom on the Internet and why every NREN should care
Erik Huizer

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