Track C

Track C

TNC15 - 10C - Intercontinental networking

2,225 views June 18, 2015

The Internet growth pace has been tremendous. To keep up with increased demand and avoid digital...

Track C

TNC15 - 11C - Strengthening the Network

933 views June 18, 2015

This session focuses on novel uses of the dark fiber for more robust applications and improved...

Track C

TNC15 - 9C - Hardcore Operations

1,054 views June 18, 2015

This session is dedicated to tools for managing and monitoring network resources....

Track C

TNC15 - 8C - DWDM developments

784 views June 17, 2015

Developments in DWDM continue to go fast. While 100 Gbit/s over several 1000s of kilometers is...

Track C

TNC15 - 5C - SDN Applications

1,078 views June 17, 2015

When talking about any software system, applications are the piece that shape it, defining its...

Track C

TNC15 - 4C - Operational aspects of SDN

472 views June 17, 2015

This session will describe various operational aspects and their implications of of Software...

Track C

TNC15 - 6C - Multidomain networking

953 views June 16, 2015

This session handles multi-domain aspects of networking. First the implementation of Multi-Domain...

Track C

TNC15 - 2C - Laying the groundwork for field...

1,571 views June 15, 2015

Some of the challenges faced by network service providers stem from early design and...