Track D

Track D

TNC15 - 9D - Socially responsible NRENs

850 views June 18, 2015

Given their unique position in the society and reaching the communities often wider than their...

Track D

TNC15 - 11D - Applications that transcend the...

1,290 views June 18, 2015

Over the past few years, more and more National Research and Education (NREN) has sprung up...

Track D

TNC15 - 10D - What's hot in IETF?

858 views June 17, 2015

This session will invite renowned participants from the IETF to present on current hot issues in...

Track D

TNC15 - 8D - Big Science

1,147 views June 17, 2015

Why Big Science? as a term, Big Science has now come to represent a series of changes in science...

Track D

TNC15 - 6D - Supporting teaching and learning

979 views June 16, 2015

Technologies for supporting teaching and learning is no longer applied in addition to what a...

Track D

TNC15 - 4D - Enabling research using the network

484 views June 16, 2015

Now that bandwidth bottlenecks are mostly a thing of the past, NRENs can focus on working with...

Track D

TNC15 - 5D - Extending the business

377 views June 16, 2015

Increasingly, NREN operators find themselves involved in the wider value proposition of networked...

Track D

TNC15 - 2D - Listening to the community

277 views June 15, 2015

Whilst the ICT transitions into the mature phase, our focus unswervingly shifts towards user...